Frederic St. James boosts the fashion industry with the launch of its new line of handmade leather bags made with the finest leather in the world


While high-end fashion companies continue to release new product lines and designs, many of these products are beyond the reach of the everyday consumer, priced well above their price point. Frederic St. James is able to produce some of the finest, highest quality leather bags in the world at affordable prices through its team of in-house designers and craftsmen.

London – May 24and2022 – Frederic St. James made international headlines this week announcing the highly anticipated launch of his new brand of handmade leather bags. Offering a wide range of leather bags, including backpacks, briefcases, sports bags and more, each product offered uses only the finest leather in the world to ensure superior quality and durability. . Each product sold is completely unique, the design may be the same; but the grains of the leather, the way the product has been cut and the oils used create a truly individual piece.

In a recent interview, Gavin McKew, Creative Director of Frederic St. James, said, “Extremely high, handmade quality is at the heart of what we do. It’s our attention to detail that sets us apart from the rest of the market and every bag we make is unique in its own way. Our products are made to last a lifetime. We decided to keep our products reasonably priced with the aim of making handmade leather bags more accessible to everyone.

Frederic St. James leather is naturally processed without the use of harmful chemicals, which can be serious environmental pollutants if not treated properly. Their leather is washed in a saline solution to clean it of impurities and then left to dry naturally in the sun. After the bag is made, it receives a coat of mustard seed oil, which nourishes the leather and helps waterproof it while further deepening the rich tan color. This traditional way of tanning leather gives the leather a wonderfully vintage look and this character will continue to develop as the bag is used.

Howard R., a recent client of Frederic St. James reportedly said, “I love it so much. Absolutely beautiful, high quality leather and excellent workmanship in terms of stitching and zippers. Definitely not what you get from China!

In addition to their new line of handmade leather bags, through their website they also have a unique “Outlet” concept, selling unique leather bags at deeply discounted prices. These are samples they often receive from leather manufacturers. All items in their Outlet are brand new and unused and are sold at a fraction of the recommended retail price. Once the item is sold, it will not be restocked.

To learn more about Frederic St. James’ new line of handmade leather bags, visit their official website at

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