Go Big and Go Local This Christmas: Gifts for HER


Jolly Old Saint Nick, is not going to slip down the fireplace or tiptoe through our doors this Christmas.

Like most people around the world, he is taking the brunt of the pandemic. While Santa’s gift bag is lighter this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil your partner, someone special, or your friend.

Christmas is a season for giving, showing your love for others either through acts of service or through gifts. But let’s face it, the best thing about Christmas is giving and receiving gifts.

Buyers have an adrenaline rush in search of the perfect find. When you present this gift and the recipient loves it, that warm sense of satisfaction bubbles up within you and disperses as if you were drinking perfectly chilled ginger ale.

For those like me who experience last-minute anxiety about what to buy “Elle” for Christmas, here are ten categories of possible options you can consider.


To quote Marilyn Monroe, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” however, if you can’t afford Tiffany & Co, there are plenty of affordable options that will fit your budget.

Pandora jewelry is always a fan favorite. The range of bracelets, necklaces, charms and rings can suit all age groups, from the teenage girl who receives her first signature charm bracelet to the 60 year olds looking for a set for that Christmas dinner. Pandora Barbados is also located in central Bridgetown at Norman Center along Upper Broad Street.

Looking to buy strictly local? Discover Victoriseque Designs jewelry. The Barbados-based online store features unique fine gold-plated “beautifully exquisite” jewelry. A Buckle personal favorite – If you’re interested in astrology and stargazing, Victoriseque has several rings, bracelets, and necklaces that might be right for you.

Another Bajan favorite is Cultured by Zhane. The brand is known for its bold, beautiful and colorful pieces that can liven up a dull outfit.

PS her accessories are also unisex, so don’t be afraid to swap and change!

Skin care

If you suffer from acne or are just looking for skin care products to keep your face smooth, supple, and wrinkle-free, try Che Essentials. The formula is created by a Barbadian chemist, once you have indicated your skin type and problem areas, she will recommend which products can be used. Che Essentials also offers a holiday gift box for the Christmas season with products specially designed for you!

As Christmas Day approaches, you want to look your best, so why not take care of yourself and your skin with Official Body Silk. Looking to have silky, soft and glowing skin for the New Year? Official Body Silk will make you smooth as butter! To celebrate the Christmas season, their Christmas package might be just what you need.

For info, discover the peppermint icing and their ranges of strawberries and cream!

LC Naturals Barbados is another local skin care brand with the tagline – Love, Care. Their handcrafted product line not only includes body and skin care, but also natural hair products to protect your curls and curls.

A personal favorite is Bug-Off Body Butter, which is fused with lemongrass, lemon, and rosemary. The natural repellent repels mosquitoes and is also safe for children.


The past two years have been extremely tumultuous for everyone. Just as we were starting to breathe a little easier in 2021, the delta variant lifted its ugly head and the COVID-19 pandemic was back to square one. More recently, omicron or “Omarion” launched a possible B2K meeting, thus suspending travel plans for many and possible Christmas meetings.

But hope is not lost, 2022 will be our Tony Stark in Avengers End Game.

The best way to set those financial, fitness and lifestyle goals for the New Year – write them down.

The “Femtrepreneur” brand, She Markets WEC, launched its 2022 planner this month. Simplistic yet elegant, with a handcrafted gold leaf cover, the planner is perfect for being held accountable for the ‘new year, new me’.

If you’re looking for a slightly more daring and daring planner, Fantasy Kingdom has also released a range of individual and professional planners that can be personalized with your name and photo. You can also make them a complete set by adding a custom mouse pad, mug, tea cup, or notebook.


When choosing scents, you need to be meaningful and know a person’s likes and dislikes.

Looks like the top picks this season are Burberry’s Her and Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl white tie. The two products are completely opposite. Burberry’s Her is a sweet, fruity-floral and lighter scent.

Meanwhile, the woman wearing Good Girl walks into the room before she physically appears. The intoxicating scent compromises notes of wood, almond and coffee.

Ya Smell Good offers rich scents for every mood. Check out their Instagram page!

Spa day

Bajans are known to ‘pick up’ their house and clean up for Christmas until the last hour. Some people continue to clean on Christmas Day and then go to cooking Christman’s lunch.

When all is well, the perfect way to unwind is a massage with a glass of wine!

Book a spa day for “her” at Reflections Spa at The Sands Barbados. For a few hours, you can get away from it all and let your body recover. When making an appointment, be sure to ask for Ahfeeyah! It delivers the ultimate experience, listening to your tense muscles and giving them all the TLC they need.

In case you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, Body Bliss Zone is a mobile spa service that comes to you. After your session in the comfort of your home, you feel the effects without having to worry about driving through parishes.


Sometimes after a long day, you just need something to improve your mood and calm your mind. Aromatherapy candles can keep you relaxed, energized, and help you be productive.

Taking an hour of your day to slow down can help renew your focus.

If you want your home to smell a little Christmas, then Beloved Candles Barbados Christmas candles are for you!

The Barbadian brand launched plum pudding and caramelized chestnuts for the holiday season.

Native Candles Barbados smartly incorporates aspects of Barbados into their products and Christmas is no exception with – Spicy Sorrel, Christmas Mint, New Years Eve and Christmas Eve. The brand also includes candle accessories – check out their Instagram page for wick cutting tips.

Those who don’t like candles also have a flameless option with their reef diffusers which are available in the same scents.

Personalized items

Nothing roars more in a relationship than couple objects. A cute gift can also be personalized couple shirts. A2Z Custom Wear can meet your printing needs. This not only includes t-shirts, but also hats, masks and more.

Personalized wine glasses and a sweet Merlot or refreshing Moscato can also be a good alternative.

Gifts with a message

Your fashion is a walking billboard of your style and personality, so make a statement with your clothes.

Several Barbadians have created street clothes and t-shirt brands that reflect Bajan’s clever sayings or are a public protest against societal issues, but with humor.

Stop Harassin We t-shirt brand shines a spotlight on the culture of sexual harassment in Barbados. Showcase female annoyance with t-shirts saying “Pssst Ya Murr” and “Yes, I’m smiling, but not for you”

Meanwhile, famous designer Katrina King launched her t-shirt brand, Kat’s Korner this year. One of his t-shirts gives a witty idea of ​​being vaccinated with the summer hashtag “Vaxxed and Fully waxed”.

Another 100% Bajan line is Nuh Broughtupsy, which is an ode to familiar sayings and respects aspects of Barbadian culture.

Purses / Bags

A clutch for a night out on the town or for a dinner with friends, the Aria St John designer Barbadian bag has it all. Its collection of clutch bags and handbags covers all of life’s events and makes you stand out from the crowd. She mixes leather with the traditional crocus material, also fusing vibrant colors and lovely patterns.

An Aria St John bag for Christmas is definitely a steal!


Crochet designer Christian Gibbs is famous for his personal style and distinctive design. She does not hesitate to put crochet in fashion for all occasions. And she does not hesitate to go out of the ordinary in her creations either.

Her crochet brand, By Krishtun, celebrates femininity and her curves. Trust that among its diverse collections or original pieces, you will inevitably find something you will fall in love with.

J’ainique Couture was created by British-trained Barbadian designer Chenique Jones. His handmade pieces fit him like a glove. Known for its striking color, designs and prints, J’ainique Couture embodies the slogan “It’s okay to be u’nique”.


Earthy Collections is a Barbadian brand based in Welches, St Michael that makes genuine leather sandals. With the ease of COVID-19 restrictions and the lifting of the ban on entertainment events, a pair of Nevaeh sandals seems well due.


Art gives meaning to our lives and brings a room to life.

The work of Alanis Forde will do more. It will make you think about her beauty, her portrayal of black beauty and black women.

Akilah Watts is another young artist, who incorporates aspects of black culture – hairstyles – into her work. She also makes subtle references to aspects of Barbados in some of her plays.

The duo are one of three artists who designed and conceptualized the mural at the Bridgetown General Post Office.

For those looking to buy Barbadian art from young black artists, check out the works of Alanis and Akilah.


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