Hand-sewn leather bags for the discreet Indian


Just like its luxurious furniture line, de Sede’s line of bags is endowed with precious details

You’ll find a curved dark brown de Sede sofa in Giambattista Valli’s Sloane Street store in London. The Swiss brand’s iconic Skeleton armchairs have also made appearances in James Bond films and the British sitcom, The computer crowd. Vintage white round sofas take pride of place in fashion designer Roubi L’Roubi’s living room. No doubt this brand’s leather furniture is in good company, so can its fashion accessories be far behind? Designed for the boardroom and circles of power, more than the red carpet, the bags have recently been introduced to the country.

The 54-year-old brand, headquartered in Klingnau, has been present in the Indian market for about two years now. The bags will see the same success, says Ursula Grenacher, head of marketing at de Sede, adding: “It was an important strategic step.”

Shine on

The line includes a tote, three sizes of clutches, a men’s clutch, a practical twin bag, a generous weekender and a messenger bag. If the bags, with clean lines, are generally without frills, the limited series Angel is an exception. Sonal Saxena, sales manager for de Sede’s bags in India and several other Southeast Asian countries, says: “These are entirely handmade in Switzerland and feature 166 diamonds on the clasp and ties. of the handle. There is a two month waiting period and production is capped at 100 pieces.

Hardware is also gold and platinum, customized to match the color of the leather – choose from a dozen shades, including burgundy, bright red, dark green and teal. The gold sconces from the Zurich house Blum Juwelier are hand-cast in white, pink or yellow gold. A smaller clutch version has a modest 18 diamonds and is available in black, white and grey.

Grenacher says they will be collaborating with a soon-to-be-appointed Indian jewelry designer to create a new diamond bag for this market. “We want it to be an investment, similar to expensive jewelry, and we will introduce it as a new way to sport diamonds as part of an ensemble. We plan to introduce it in the fall, with private parties exclusive for a selected target group,” she says.

love leather

Like their furniture, the bags are made of semi-aniline leather, where the natural grain and markings of the material can be seen through a thin layer of pigmented coating. It is also designed to be weather and dirt and water resistant. One of the signature craftsmanship is the hand-stitched seam, while the handles are cross-stitched to add a touch of design and structural integrity.

Saxena says the range is aimed at serious buyers – CEOs, business owners, HNIs – who are looking for understated elegance. “The price is comparable to brands like Louis Vuitton, but without explicit branding that might make it too flashy,” she says. As you can tell a Bottega Veneta by its signature weave, the teardrop detailing on all the bags is a telltale sign of a de Sede, she adds.

The design is also geared towards functionality. For those who constantly rummage through the dark interiors of bags for keys or a pen, the bright yellow lining helps. “It’s to increase visibility. Men’s bags have a pale blue lining for the same reason,” she explains.

From ₹1 lakh, at De Sede Studio, MG Road, New Delhi and online at desede.ch.


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