Inside Gigi Hadid’s Bag Collection – And Her Most Affordable Bags


But for a mom who also used to walk around town with a Prada diaper bag, Hadid isn’t a snob on more accessible brands. She was an early fan of LA brand JW Pei’s squishy Gabbi bag, which shares the same understated logo as the big brands, but at a very affordable price. Ditto London-based Yuzefi’s Fortune Cookie, which takes its name from the crispy treat its shape conjures up, and comes in equally sweet colors.

The Mlouye Sera mini tote in action in Milan.

Arnold Jerocki

Along the way, Hadid picked up Sera de Mlouye architecture, the brainchild of Istanbul-born industrial design enthusiast Meb Rure; a tangerine Medani travel bag; a feminine top-handled style Marina De Golle and a Rebeus Liza. These are all small labels that Hadid sought out, rather than automatically buying from the big brands circling the model set.

Off-White sunglasses were the perfect addition to her bag of Yusefi fortune cookies.

Marc Piasecki

For Gigi, it pays to be a curious fashion fan, who loves the luxury pieces made by her designer friends, but also uses her platform to promote smaller brands that will benefit from the “Hadid effect”. What will she get for her 27th birthday on April 23? Our money’s on her bag is another under-the-radar accessory that will quickly become a Gigi classic. Better make more room among the Chanels and Versaces on those bulging shelves.

Yusefi Fortune cookie bag


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