Korea-exclusive Jeju brand Gucci bag catches the eye


World famous designer brand Gucci is attracting attention after presenting a bag branded with the name “Jeju”.

Designed with Jeju as the main motif, the item was launched exclusively in Korea by Gucci as part of its “Gucci Resort” collection, which draws inspiration from vacation destinations around the world.

The exclusive Jeju bag introduced to this collection has been designed with the brand’s signature GG monogram on a zigzag pattern in a shade of orange that evokes the image of Jeju’s tangerines. Gucci explains that its design has been reinterpreted using a vibrant color that suits Jeju’s hot climate.

In particular, the name “Jeju” is clearly marked on the upper part of the article. The bag is a limited-edition item sold only in Korea, with each tote bag priced at a staggering 2.52 million won.

Response online was highly divided, with some praising the design as aptly capturing the sensibilities of a resort, while others were less enthusiastic with comments such as “Who would think this is a real Gucci when it clearly says “Jeju” on the bag? and “Is this a bag you get when you buy tangerines?” In addition to the bag, Gucci also offers various items through its official online store, including a clutch with the name “Jeju” (1.88 million won) and a hat with a similar design.

Meanwhile, in addition to Jeju, Gucci also plans to launch exclusive products bearing the names of 20 vacation spots around the world that served as motifs for the collection, including Cancun, Capri, Dubai, Hawaii, Ibiza, Miami. and Phuket.


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