Law Enforcement Agency Gives Black Friday Shopping Safety Tips


JONES COUNTY, Mississippi (WDAM) – It’s almost time for one of the busiest shopping days of the year, and a local law enforcement agency is reminding shoppers to be in safety when on the move.

There are only a few days left until Black Friday, and the Jones County Sheriff’s Department offers advice on how to stay safe while shopping.

“Always be aware of their surroundings, if it’s suspicious people in the stores and everything …” said Mitch Sumrall, chief deputy of JCSD. “Remember where they parked so you don’t get confused. Never leave goods in a parked vehicle where they can be seen.

In addition to being vigilant, we are told that there are things buyers can do to avoid falling victim to theft.

“It’s always best to carry cash or wallets in the front pocket to reduce the chance of pick-pocketing…” Sumrall said.

The JCSD says crimes generally increase during this time of year.

“People inside the stores will leave their purses in the buggy, and someone will come and pick it up…” Sumrall said. “And then every once in a while you have break-ins where someone comes out of a store and can be broken into … So it’s always best to park in a brightly lit area and have your keys in there.” hand when you Walk around. “

And that’s why they recommend being careful when throwing boxes for things like televisions.

“Anytime a big purchase like this is made, I would never put it on the side of the road…” Sumrall said. “The empty box because all that does is report a criminal what you have … Try to smash the box and put it in a garbage bag or burn it if I live in the county or something like that.”

Sumrall says if any of these crimes happen to you or if you see one happening to someone to contact the police.

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