Lemon prices soar in Hyderabad, causing major hardship for retailers


Hyderabad: With the onset of the summer season, the prices of lemons have skyrocketed over the past week and a single lemon is being sold at Rs 10 in the city of Hyderabad.

Sellers have expressed their concerns over the rising price of lemon saying that consumers are not ready to buy the citrus fruits at such a high price.

“The prices have really gone up. Previously, we used to buy a whole bag of lemons for Rs 700 which now costs Rs 3,500. We are selling a single lemon for Rs 10 and no one is willing to buy it. No one is ready to accept that the prices have gone up and are leaving without buying the lemons,” the roadside vendor from Venkatesh told ANI.

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Lakshmi, another retailer, said she is currently buying a whole bag of lemons at Rs 3,000.

“I bought the whole bag for Rs 3,000 and sold a dozen for Rs 120 but nobody is ready to buy. Limes can be sold even after two days, but yolks should be sold right away because they rot. Nobody buys lemon at such a high price,” Lakshmi said.

“The prices are very high. I bought a dozen lemons for Rs 120. Before, I used to buy them for Rs 20. The prices are increasing due to the summer season,” said Tarannum, a customer.

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