Mahua Moitra hides her Louis Vuitton bag worth Rs 1.6 lakh during price hike debate at LS


Trinamool Congressman Mahua Moitra was caught on Monday hiding her Louis Vuitton bag worth over Rs 1.6 lakhs as talks of rising inflation were going on in the Lok Sabha.

As the camera panned to Dr. Kakoli Ghost Dastidar, a congressman from Trinamool, who stood up to speak about the price hike, Mahua Moitra, seated next to her, picked up her Louis Vuitton bag placed at next to her on the seat, moved it close to her legs where it was not visible to Lok Sabha’s camera.

At 3:15 p.m. in the video embedded above, when TMC’s Dr. Kakoli stands up to speak in turn, Mahua Moitra seated next to her, takes her bag, believed to be Louis Vuitton, and places it near her feet, away from the cameras.

The clip instantly went viral as social media wondered how one of the representatives of the Trinamool Congress party, which was targeting the Inflation Centre, carried an ultra-expensive handbag to parliament. According to fashion blogs and websites, Moitra brand handbag is worth around Rs 1.6 Lakh.

Just as Mahua Moitra became a topic of conversation online for carrying an ultra-expensive bag to parliament, a similar incident happened in the past when Nairobi Rep Esther Passaris courted controversy for carrying her Louis Vuitton handbag to Parliament.

According to reports, the House had to interrupt the current session to discuss and settle the issue of a high-priced bag brought inside parliament. Many members asked her why she carried such an expensive bag to the official place. She then cited medical reasons for doing so.


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