McCain green beans and Spar brand frozen stir fry may contain small pieces of glass

  • McCain South Africa has issued a recall notice on its package of frozen green beans and certain Spar brand French stir-fries.
  • The packs may contain small pieces of glass from a fixture.
  • The affected batches have been removed from supermarket freezers, the company says.
  • They were made in mid to late 2021 and carry an expiration date of 2023.
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McCain South Africa is recalling some of its Spar-branded frozen green beans and French stir-fries, after glass fragments were found in some bags.

The company said they found “the source of the material, confirming it was small glass fragments from a light fixture”. He did not provide further details on how the glass ended up in packaging or how it went undetected prior to shipment.

The beans and stir-fry mix were all made between July and October 2021 and all carry an expiration date of 2023.

The recall is voluntary and national. The affected products had already been removed from retailers’ freezers, the company said on Tuesday.

Specific batches of frozen vegetables are affected, and shoppers will need to look at the manufacturing details in fine print to see if there are any in their home freezers.

Those who find affected products should return them to the store they came from, in exchange for a voucher, McCain said. It offers support for determining the lot number of a pack via via the telephone number 0800 006 498.

These are the affected lots of McCain Green Beans and Spar-branded French Stir Fry.

List of products recalled by McCain

In February, some Kit Kat chocolates were recalled over concerns they contained broken glass. At the time, manufacturer Nestlé South Africa said it had not received a complaint of glass contamination and was still investigating the circumstances.

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