Miomojo presents luxurious vegetable leather bags


Leather tops the list of toxic products when it comes to textile manufacturing practices. In addition, traditional leather is not an acceptable option for animal lovers. The alternatives to synthetic leather have not been particularly environmentally friendly either. Miomojo, a leading Italian fashion brand, decided to change all that with vegan leather bags made from sustainable and natural materials.

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The initial versions of the Prima Linea range are made from apple peels and cores that are otherwise rejected from the food industry. The diversion of this apple leather waste allowed the company to design durable and luxurious handbags, sliding bucket bags and classic tote bags.

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Subsequently, the company recently launched handbags in two colors, made from cactus leather. Seeing the welcome response from customers inspired the company to continue developing other alternatives such as certified organic corn leather, which will soon be added to the collection.

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Miomojo founder Claudia Pievani explained her initial motivation, saying, “I earned a good salary and enjoyed all the pitfalls of success, but still felt that I was not fulfilling my mission. Leather has long been a quality material in the handbag world, but she felt the environmental and animal compromise wasn’t even worth it. “I have always been fascinated by fashion, design and beautiful things, but increasingly frustrated that these products are often made to the detriment of innocent living beings. So she looked for alternatives that didn’t sacrifice quality, design or animals. “So, I began my personal odyssey of bringing affordable and cruelty-free alternatives to my animal-loving friends, all with Italian sensibility and flair. “

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From the start, giving back to animal welfare organizations was essential for Pievani, who had seen moon bears rescued from the bear bile industry during his visit to Animals Asia and witnessed the organization’s efforts. . As a result, Miomojo has donated over $ 200,000 to the organization and also benefits other charities including Mercy for Animals, FOUR PAWS and many agricultural sanctuaries around the world. In total, the company donates 10% of its net profits to animal protection associations and is also a contributing member of 1% for the Planet. Miomojo is currently in the process of becoming a B Certified Company, which recognizes the highest standards of social and environmental performance.

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Pievani is happy to see other companies stepping up their efforts to improve sustainable practices, especially those that are helping to redefine what luxury means. “True sustainability is respect,” said Pievani. “Respect for humanity, respect for the environment and animals. Aesthetics and ethics can and must coexist.

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But she hasn’t finished pushing the boundaries. By 2022, the company plans to make all of its products from sustainable materials such as recycled fishing nets, glass, plastic bottles and even innovative new materials like coffee grounds. The company is also planning to open its own animal rescue center.

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