Project Runway Season 19 Episode 6 Recap: “Fashion is Back, Baby”


In the fifth episode of Season 19 of “Project Runway,” the remaining 12 designers worked in pairs to create exciting looks for Tara Lipinski and Johnny weir to wear as commentators at the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics. As clients, Tara and Johnny chose Anna and Bones as the winners for Anna’s stunning white pearl dress for Tara and a complementary look for Johnny created by Bones. They weren’t as thrilled with what Sabrina and Prajje assembled for them, and chose to send Sabrina home for her costumed interpretation of the mission.

Below, read our “Project Runway” Season 19 Episode 6 recap titled “Fashion is Back, Baby! Then be sure to talk in the comments section about your favorite designers of the Bravo reality show, who has the best aesthetics and who you think will ultimately be crowned the next big name in fashion.

The 11 remaining designers are: Octavio Aguilar, Bones jones, Coral Castillo, Prajje Oscar John the Baptist, Kristina kharlashkina, Katie kortman, Chantal Lacayo, Chasity Séréal, Aaron Michael Steach, Zayden Skipper, and Anna zhou.

Back to the working studio with Christian Siriano, the designers got worried when he asked them to “take a box off the prop wall.” It might have been a disastrous clue for the next challenge, but they were relieved to find they were props – not too intimidating a base for their next challenge. Christian explained that they each bought an accessory from a New York-based designer and should work with them to create a whole new look and accessory for the show.

The spirit of the challenge was to give back to small businesses that struggled during the pandemic lockdown, and this created an emotional response from Shantall and the other designers, who were grateful that the show was interested in putting fashion back into business. . On top of that, this week’s winner would earn $ 25,000 (along with their partner) to start their own business.

For the brainstorming sessions, the accessory designers joined the fray and shared their views on their hats, bags, shoes, gloves and jewelry that would serve as inspiration for the designs. Bones and Katie were both inspired by instant connections with their partners, but no one was more connected than Zayden who matched his partner’s interest in representing indigenous cultures in their designs, and Prajje who grew up in a farm just like his partner did.

At Mood, Christian had a lot of opinions about the fabric choices of certain designers. He warned Coral not to use black again, stressing that she was still safe and therefore needed to be more daring in her selections. At the same time as he was pushing Coral towards more color, he was also questioning Kristina’s choice for neon green. After spending their $ 400 at Mood, Christian also sent them to the Hai Trim specialty store with an additional $ 250 to buy gems and other adornments.

Back in the labor room, Aaron began his concept of having a dress that falls to reveal a white swimsuit, something he hoped to surprise the judges. Anna, safe with immunity, was more interested in the collaborative aspect of the challenge, so she and her partner conceptualized a halter dress that would attach to a choker. Happy with her choice of red fabric, Coral’s good mood shifted into broken territory when she went to sew the lace and continued to break needles on the machine. This forced her to take the longer route of hand sewing.

During Christian’s tour, he was hoping Coral was going in the right direction with her red fabric and that Katie was finally listening to her own voice using the fabric she had brought home for this challenge. The model’s fittings looked promising for Octavio who used 20 yards of fabric, Kristina’s neon suit and Aaron’s “surprising” swimsuit.

With five more hours to finish their looks and get their models ready for the runway, the designers sat down with their collaboration partners to see the accessories they finished for the look. Most of them were delighted with the results, but Coral worried that the red of the hat was too dark for the red of her dress and that they might clash. They were also pushing the boundaries with the hand-sewn work on the dress as they went to dress the model a few minutes before the show, but luckily it didn’t tear up.

On the track, Elaine welteroth, Brandon maxwell and Nina Garcia were joined by Stephane Kolb, the CEO of CFDA. The Octavio model first walked in a black and white polka dot dress with the oversized black hat and hat box from Rodney Patterson as accessories, followed by Bones’ ruffle dress and matching hat from Ashaka Givens, The red lace dress and matching hat from Coral by Lynn paik, the neon green suit and Kristina’s shoes by Lauren Brinker, Katie’s colorful dress with vegan shoes by Rebecca heykes, Shantall’s red dress with gold jewelry on the waist by Aziza Abdallah Nicole, Zayden’s colorful striped dress with handbag by Akilah stewart, Aaron’s swimsuit with matching picnic bag by Lorna nixon, The black two-piece pantsuit and eye-themed handbag from Chasity by Andres Quintero Betancourt, Anna’s black dress with a chain mail necklace incorporated by Sally reardon, and Prajje’s baby blue dress with floral gloves designed by Katie Sue Nicklos.

After scoring the looks, Brandon announced that Aaron, Chasity, Anna and Shantall were all safe, leaving the rest of the designers on stage to hear the critics. The first was one of their favorites, Prajje’s dress inspired by her grandmother. Elaine said she got chills from his gaze and that made her happy. Zayden’s was downstairs because Brandon couldn’t figure out what the accessory really was because they were wearing oversized earrings and a dress that overpowered the bag. Elaine said the dress itself didn’t deserve to be down, but the style was her downfall. Coral was surprised to see her score at the top and delighted to learn from Nina that after weeks of security she was finally able to tell Coral how much she loved the macrame work she was doing in her clothes.

The next low score was for Bones who defended his look despite the judges finding it unflattering and eclipsing the hat that should be the focus. Brandon had to explain that it seems Bones doesn’t match his perspective and voice with his designs in a way that marries them. Katie was downstairs as well, mostly for her choice of fabric, which was one of her own designs. Steven found it was not completely thought through and Nina thought the choice of hem length was wrong. Kristina was a top scorer with her neon suit that was layered and “track ready” according to Nina. Finally, Octavio was also a top scorer for creating something that was “larger than life” and a “track moment” according to Brandon.

When it came time to announce the winner, Nina noted that they “got the most out of their accessory” and created a cohesive, contemporary look. This designer and partner were Kristina and Lauren! From the bottom of Bones, Katie and Zayden, the panel decided that Katie continued not to listen to her own voice and that her look tonight “embodied that confusion”, so they had to send her home. Again, Christian agreed with the judges and did not use his judgment to veto Katie’s elimination.

NEXT WEEK: Faux fur is the basis for an avant-garde challenge featuring Billy Porter as guest judge.

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