Stella McCartney just launched the first luxury mushroom leather bag


Stella McCartney has launched a luxury mushroom leather bag, considered the first of its kind.

The vegetarian label first teamed up with hardware solutions company Bolt Threads five years ago. Since then, the brand has strived to create a product line with Mylo, the mushroom leather from Bolt Threads.

Last year, she unveiled the first clothes (a top and pants) made with this material.

Mylo is made up of mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms. Bolt Threads grows mushrooms in a vertical agricultural facility, powered by renewable energy. It is a more durable alternative to traditional leather, which is usually made with cowhide.

The leather industry slaughters millions of animals each year and contributes to the harmful environmental impact of animal husbandry. To produce just one kilogram of leather, for example, around 17,000 liters of water are needed. The industry is also one of the main causes of deforestation in the Amazon.

“An important step for the future of luxury fashion”

Stella McCartney’s Italian artisans, who have been trained to work with Mylo, have handcrafted the new Frayme Mylo bags. They made their first debut in October 2021, during Stella McCartney’s Summer 2022 show during Paris Fashion Week.

Right now, the brand is celebrating mushrooms across its summer range, dubbed Fashion Fungi. The environmental benefits of mushrooms (they increase soil biodiversity and sequester carbon) inspired the collection. The Netflix Documentary fantastic mushrooms was another source of inspiration.

“It has been an honor to work closely with Stella and her team as they innovate luxury fashion with Mylo,” said Dan Widmaier, CEO of Bolt Threads.

“Their leadership defining the pet-free fashion category and the sustainable materials championship are leading the way towards a more responsible fashion industry,” he added. “Bringing the first-ever luxury bag made from Mylo to market is an important milestone for conscientious consumers, the biomaterials industry and the future of luxury fashion.”

The new limited edition Frayme Mylo bag is available for Buy now.


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