The best Samsung Galaxy S21+ cases in 2022


The Galaxy S21+ is often overshadowed by its bigger sibling, but that’s not because it’s a bad phone. On the contrary, it’s one of Samsung’s best in recent memory, thanks to a terrific camera array, a beautiful display and great software. The S21+ is still a great buy today, especially considering it’ll be getting updates up to Android 15. But like any other phone, it won’t withstand a hard drop.

Whether you already own an S21+ or are thinking of buying one now, a phone like this needs a tough case to protect it, so we’ve rounded up the best of the best to help you do just that.

Casetify’s Impact case may not be compostable like Pela’s case. Still, it’s made from recycled plastics, including other phone cases, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve helped the environment by buying one of these. This case can take all the punishment you throw at it, with shock-absorbing technology ensuring your Galaxy S21+ will survive even the worst drops and knocks.

The main reason to buy a case from Casetify is the plethora of designs available, each available in different color options. These cases are gorgeous, and there are even collaborations and partnerships with brands like Star Wars and other artists and creators. Whatever your tastes, you’ll find something to like here.

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Casetify Impact Case for Galaxy S21+

The UAG Civilian provides exceptional protection without making the S21+ bulky. HyperCush technology absorbs shock and prevents it from damaging your device while remaining relatively thin. Our favorite part of this case is the design. It has character, with the sculpted back and the original Urban Armor Gear logo, but it’s not in your face or overly aggressive. The case is comfortable to hold and there are some nice color options, although only two are currently in stock: Mallard (blue) and Olive (green).

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Urban Armor Gear Civilian for Galaxy S21+

Spigen’s Thin Fit case lives up to its name. This impossibly thin case is barely noticeable when you pick up your S21+, other than the secure, grippy feel of the case’s soft-touch finish. Although this case may be thin and insubstantial, it can still work and protect your phone. Spigen’s shock-absorbing elements are there, dissipating the kinetic energy of drops and knocks to ensure your device stays functional. A small lip on the front will help prevent scratches if you often place your phone face down on the table, but we still recommend a screen protector if you’re worried about cracking. Our only criticism of the Thin Fit is that you can only get it in black.

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Spigen ThinFit for Galaxy S21+

The Parallax from Caseology is a perfect choice if you want something that looks good while remaining understated. The parallax design from which the name is derived looks excellent. The case uses a dual-layer construction to put a soft shock-absorbing layer around the device and a hard plastic frame around the edges. Combined, these layers prevent the phone from being scratched or cracked after a drop. The Parallax is available in four colors: Ash Grey, Indi Pink, Matte Black and Purple-ish.

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Caseology Parallax for Galaxy S21+

There’s a lot to love about Pela’s cases. They are made from plant fibers and other organic materials, making them 100% compostable. So when you eventually need a new phone or case, it won’t end up in the landfill. The eco-friendly nature of the case is no gimmick to distract you from poor quality, as Pela’s cases are some of the best looking you can get. They are soft to the touch and nestle nicely in your hand while ensuring your device is safe from damage. Finally, Pela offers dozens of designs and colors for the S21+, so you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes.

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The Onyx offers superb protection without making your S21+ more tanky than it should be. Shock-absorbing elements ensure your phone will withstand any impact that comes its way, and a raised lip around the screen ensures it remains scratch-free when laid on a surface. Although the case is made of a flexible TPU, it remains firm to the touch, inspiring confidence that your S21+ is well protected. It’s not the thinnest case on our list, but it’s not too thick either, so unless you have small hands, this case will be comfortable to hold for long periods of time. You can get the Onyx in navy, black, or dark gray.

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Ringke Onyx for Galaxy S21+

The Poetic Spartan is not subtle. Its aggressive design is more than superficial, as the Spartan can easily handle drops, knocks and bumps. If you’re accident-prone and want to protect your S21+, the Spartan can do that easily, thanks to its built-in screen protector and rugged build. The included kickstand is a bonus, supporting the phone in landscape or portrait while also serving as a handle. The Spartan is available in four colors: Cobalt Blue Metallic, Green Metallic, Bronze Metallic and Red Metallic.

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Spartan Poetics for Galaxy S21+

If you want a kickstand on your case, you usually have two options: a sturdy, unwieldy case with a nice sturdy stand, or a regular case that has a flimsy kickstand that a coughing mouse could knock over. The ESR Kickstand holster bridges that gap by providing a solid stand that works in portrait or landscape mode without being a holster tank. The ESR will keep your phone safe from most punishment while remaining slim and comfortable to hold, and it comes in two finishes: clear or translucent black.

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ESR Kickstand Case for Galaxy S21+

The Tech21 Evo Sparkle aims to make the see-through case more exciting, and it does just that. The case has holographic dots surrounding the top and bottom, which shimmer in different colors as they catch the light. If you have one of the more colorful S21+ finishes, this will complement it nicely. The Evo Sparkle doesn’t skimp on protection either, offering 10-foot drop protection with a shock-absorbing layer and a lip around the front to keep the screen scratch-free.

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Tech21 Evo Sparkle for Galaxy S21+

The Speck Presidio2 Grip takes its name seriously. The hard plastic finish has a rough, grippy texture accented by grooves and lines that wrap around the back and sides of the case. If you often find yourself dropping your phone but don’t like using a cord, this case will make sure it stays firmly in your hand. The perimeter of the case is lined with Speck’s Armor Cloud technology, which uses air capsules as mini airbags to ensure your S21+ is safe from drops of up to 13 feet. The Presidio2 Grip is available in Coastal Blue, Graphite Gray and Black.

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Speck Presidio2 Grip for Galaxy S21+

The Tucch wallet case can hold three cards and offers RFID protection to prevent their cloning. The PU leather feels nice when wrapped around your S21+, and the case can be used as a stand, although it only works in landscape and isn’t as sturdy as a proper kickstand. The Wallet case won’t offer the same levels of protection as the other cases on this list, but it will keep your S21+ safe from minor bumps and anything bagged with it. The case is available in black, dark blue, grey, hot pink, lake blue, light brown, myrtle green, rose gold and wine red.

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Tucch wallet case for Galaxy S21+

No matter what you need from a phone case, one of the entries on this list will meet your requirements and help keep your S21+ looking shiny and new for as long as possible. The Galaxy S21+ is a big phone, and if you want to protect it without bulking it up, Spigen’s Thin Fit case will do just that. It won’t save you from big falls, but it will prevent scratches and absorb small shocks and knocks. If you want something more colorful, the Casetify Impact series comes in dozens of designs and will still protect your device from most damage.

Kickstands make it easy to use media, and the ESR Kickstand Case provides a sturdy kickstand that works in portrait or landscape mode while remaining thin, light, and comfortable to hold. If you care about the environment and want to make sure the case you buy won’t end up in a landfill, Pela cases are made from organic materials that make the case 100% compostable. This in no way compromises the case. Pela cases look great with dozens of designs available, are comfortable to hold, and will keep your S21+ safe from bumps and knocks.

If you’re clumsy or work somewhere that makes industrial protection a must, UAG’s Civilian Series will protect your S21+ from the harshest knocks without making the phone bulky. The Poetic Spartan should be your first choice if you want extreme protection. Its built-in screen protector and aggressive design ensure it’ll survive whatever you throw at it, and the kickstand is one of the best we’ve ever used. It’s sturdy, snaps firmly into place, works in both landscape and portrait, and can even double as a handle, making it easy to use the phone for long periods of time.


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