The new stylish leather bags from Marimekko are made for everything


Marimekko may be best known for their bold geometric patterns, but these new handcrafted leather bags are the raised basics you’ll use every day. The stylish new bags come in a ton of styles to suit any outfit.

The Uusi Matkuri Lea bag is the everyday bag that you will take with you everywhere. The top zipper will keep all your stuff safe while the interior pocket adds extra security for items like phones, wallets and keys. Or go for the Milli Matkuri bag, which is a smaller version of the Uusi Matkuri Lea, with an additional shoulder strap and exterior pocket. As for the small bags, there is the Gunelia bag, an oversized bucket bag that has a magnetic closure, shoulder strap and a contrasting interior color that adds a touch every time you open it. Then there is the Solima bag, a circular handbag with a top handle, an adjustable shoulder strap and an inside pocket. The Salli Lea saddle bag is a classic shape with a front flap that hides a pocket underneath. The Gratha Camera Bag is perfect to take with you on a trip, featuring a bold logo shoulder strap. Finally, the Hialmina bag is a larger shoulder bag that has an interior pocket in a contrasting color for all your on-the-go needs. | Shop in Marimekko>

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