These potli bags with embroidered patterns will charm you, see here


Potli bags are a great accessory to complete a traditional look. Their intricate design and authentic look is why they remain in vogue.

Potli bags have remained in vogue for as long as we can remember. An ideal choice to complete her look at a wedding or other such celebrations, these bags come in many beautiful and elegant designs.

They are easy to transport and are very spacious to carry all your things. What makes them a favorite among women and girls is the way they blend tradition with modern embroidered designs. They come with drawstrings and sometimes even straps for easy transport.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on shopping for potli bags, scroll through the list below. We are sure that the intricate designs and soft fabric of these bags will delight and probably tempt you. So, without further ado, take a look at the list.

1. DIGILOOP ITS STORE & amp; amp; amp; PLUS Rajasthani Potli Bag


This elegant Rajasthani potli bag spells elegance. It is made from a premium raw silk fabric and has enough room to carry all your essentials. It is embellished with intricate embroidery involving fabric. A perfect choice to accessorize your look on weddings and traditional events, this bag is likely to go well with any traditional outfit. It is light and easy to carry. You have to check out the striking and vibrant colors this potli bag is available in.

2. DUCHESS Potli Woman


This potli bag for women and girls is in nylon fabric. It comes with drawstrings and has a roomy compartment to carry all your stuff. It has a regal touch and features beautiful floral designs. You can choose from a range of color options sporting different designs, all of which are simply stunning.

3. Women’s Potli Embroidered Polyester Bag Kuber Industries


This potli bag is in a stunning brown color and boasts of an elegant and simple design. The material used in the manufacture of this bag is polyester. The embroidered pattern on it is done with utmost perfection and looks glamorous. It is an ideal choice for hosting a wedding and other traditional functions.
4. Wrap-Shap Set of 2 Working Potli


This potli bag is a delight for all women. It is made of super soft velor fabric and comes with drawstrings. The color of the velvet is golden and there are breathtaking floral embroidery. It has a braid string on the top which makes it easy to carry. In addition, the pearl chain necklace makes a nice handle to wear it.

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