This startup makes some of the best leather bags we’ve tried and donates a portion of its profits to charity


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Buckle and Seam

  • Buckle & Seam is a direct-to-consumer startup that specializes in high-end, yet affordable leather bags
  • Its bags are made in Pakistan from vegetable tanned leather
  • For every bag sold, Buckle & Seam sends a girl to school in Karachi, Pakistan to improve female literacy.

Whatever type of bag you prefer to carry, nothing says class like a fine leather bag. Premium leather is synonymous with durability and timeless style; unfortunately, this also usually comes at a high cost. High prices have traditionally left people with no choice but to settle for lower quality fabric, like faux leather, but now there’s a new solution: Buckle & Seam.

The startup was founded by Georg Wolff, Marco Feelisch and Jena Bautmans after the three met while working on other projects in Pakistan. After falling in love with the region’s rich heritage of craftsmanship and fashion, the trio decided to share their discoveries with the rest of the world. The end goal was to produce premium bags at affordable prices while being transparent.

Believe it or not, most leather goods sold in the western world are produced in the Indian subcontinent, ie Pakistan, Bangladesh and India; they’re finished in Italy or France, so the companies that make them can claim they were made in Europe. Buckle & Seam has decided to celebrate the origins of its leather.

Using only the finest cowhides, Buckle & Seam creates soft yet durable leather goods using the whole grain and a natural vegetable tanning process. The result is leather twice as thick as what you would find in conventionally made leather bags.


The Willow sports bag.

Buckle and Seam

In addition to connecting to Pakistan through its materials and production process, Buckle & Seam has an even greater impact on the region through its philanthropic efforts. For each bag sold, the brand donates 3% of its turnover to Anum School in Karachi, Pakistan.

The effort helps send girls to school, improving the country’s literacy rate. While Anum School currently takes in over 67 students per year, Buckle & Seam has big plans for the future. The startup’s vision includes covering 100% of the school’s running costs, hiring more teachers, improving the curriculum, renting a bigger facility for more children and, finally, the purchase of his own school to accommodate twice as many students.

With a focus on well-made products, great prices, and support for a great cause, choosing a new leather bag has never been easier. From briefcases, messenger bags and duffel bags to small leather goods like laptop sleeves, Buckle & Seam has it all.

Shop all vegetable tanned leather bags at Buckle & Seam now.

Buckle & Seam sent us a few bags to test. It’s been a few months and we’re still loving our picks. Check out our thoughts, below:


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