UNIQLO launches JOIN: THE POWER OF CLOTHES, a campaign to support action for a better world – Starting July 1, the campaign includes Doraemon sustainability items made with 100% recycled fibers


Last update: 2022.06.29

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Global clothing retailer UNIQLO today announces the launch of JOIN: THE POWER OF CLOTHING, a global campaign to support activities for a better world. The campaign will kick off in Japan on Friday, July 1.

The aim of the JOIN:THE POWER OF CLOTHING campaign is to encourage UNIQLO customers to participate in the environmental sustainability activities that UNIQLO has carried out so far. The two main initiatives, carried out in UNIQLO stores and the uniqlo.com online store, are Buy and JOIN and Learn and JOIN. The program aims to raise awareness of global issues such as ocean pollution and inspire actions that make the world a better place.

In addition, UNIQLO will market products made from 100% recycled fibers (plush toys, pocket bags, T-shirts), with patterns in Doraemon Durability ModeUNIQLO Global Ambassador for Sustainability.

During the campaign, when customers buy UNIQLO products made with recycled materials, or Blue Cycle Jeans, they will be contributing to a better world in more ways than one. UNIQLO’s parent company, Fast Retailing, will donate up to US$1 million (approximately 130 million yen) to the Nippon Foundation to support activities that reduce ocean waste, donating profits from sales of these country.

Ahead of the campaign, starting Wednesday, June 29, customers who bring used, washed plastic bottles to collection boxes at UNIQLO Harajuku and UNIQLO TOKYO stores will have the chance to receive a campaign item as a gift, including including a Doraemon durability mode. stuffed animal or a pocket tote bag (items not for sale).*

*Limited quantities, first come. Once a day per customer, 80 people on weekdays, 160 people on weekends and public holidays.

The JOIN:THE POWER OF CLOTHING campaign offers customers two ways to participate.

1. Buy and JOIN – Support donations with purchases

When customers purchase products that incorporate recycled materials, such as items made from 100% recycled polyester recovered from plastic bottles and featuring the Doraemon Sustainability Mode design, or eco-friendly Blue Cycle jeans, Fast Retailing will donate up to US$1 million (approximately 130 million yen) of campaign item sales proceeds to the Nippon Foundation to support ocean waste reduction activities.

Release date

July 1, 2022 (Friday) (expected)


• Doraemon Durability Mode Toy, ¥1,990
(100% recycled polyester, approximately 14 plastic bottles)

• Doraemon Durability Mode Pocket Bag, ¥990
(100% recycled polyester, about 5 plastic bottles)

• Doraemon Sustainability Mode T-shirt, ¥1,500 (one model)
(100% recycled polyester, approximately 24 plastic bottles)

• Doraemon Sustainability Mode KIDS T-shirt, ¥990 (one model)
(100% recycled polyester, about 13 plastic bottles)


All UNIQLO stores in Japan and via the UNIQLO.com online store

JOIN campaign products (Total 54 items)

*Results obtained when comparing regular fit 2017 MENS jeans to a 2018 model of the same style, using the Blue Cycle process. Water reduction levels vary slightly by product.

2. Learn and Join – Learn about ocean pollution through special content

UNIQLO will open a special website on Wednesday, June 29, where visitors can learn about environmental issues and take action. The site includes messages from UNIQLO Global Brand Ambassadors calling for participation in the campaign, as well as a video with LifeWear Special Ambassador Haruka Ayase outlining some of UNIQLO’s sustainability priority areas. There is also a wide range of special content to learn more about ocean-related issues, including an interview with biological oceanographer, Ryota Nakajima, a conversation with Ms. Yoko Koga on reducing the use of plastics in everyday life, and an interview with environmental specialist Dr Keith Alverson.

Dedicated website: www.uniqlo.com/jointpoc

Scan the QR code to visit the special website with more information about Doraemon Sustainability Mode items.

Take part in the plastic bottle collection program to get items made with 100% recycled fibres!
Prize machines installed in stores for a limited time

Prior to the campaign, prize machines will be placed in UNIQLO Harajuku and UNIQLO TOKYO stores. Customers who bring in used, washed plastic bottles and place them in nearby collection boxes will receive a special coin to use in the prize machines. Each coin is valid for one ride on the machine (once per day per customer, 80 people on weekdays, 160 people on weekends and public holidays). Prizes available from the machine include JOIN campaign items made from 100% recycled fibers, such as Doraemon Sustainability Mode plushies and pocket tote bags (items not for sale), as well as AIRism masks with a Doraemon Sustainability Mode decoration and an original large sticker.

The GOMI X UNIQLO Sports program to reduce marine litter with the feeling of playing sports
Most ocean waste is everyday waste from urban areas that has been washed away by rivers. The Sports GOMI X UNIQLO program, held in areas near UNIQLO stores nationwide, is a community-driven, litter-picking sustainability program conducted in partnership with local residents and community groups.

To encourage broad participation in this activity to reduce marine litter, the GOMI X UNIQLO Sports program is aimed at young and old alike who want to play sports, allowing everyone to have fun while learning about the issues. environmental. The program is actively promoted through a special website and in stores.

Items sent in a specially designed box
To commemorate the JOIN: THE POWER OF CLOTHING campaign, items purchased through the uniqlo.com online store during the program period will be sent in a specially designed box. The special packaging is intended to educate e-commerce customers about ocean litter and other global issues, encouraging participation in activities aimed at making the world a better place.


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