Vavo Digital Hosts Digital Influencer Campaign for Ayurvedic Brand Sandu Pharma


Ayurvedic brand Sandu Pharma has announced its collaboration with digital marketing agency Vavo Digital.

The primary goal of the digital campaign is to reach beyond Sandu Pharma’s traditional audience of older people and reach the younger generation and millennials using modern advertising and influencer media.

The agency has already rolled out two campaigns for Sandu Pharma’s flagship products – “Makarprash” and “Gulkand”. Vavo Digital now plans to design campaigns that deliver an impactful key brand message through collaboration with a relevant set of 15 micro and macro influencers.

The key message is that the science of Ayurveda has an array of options for immunity boosting supplements with minimal but extremely cost effective side effects. Campaign design is all about identifying the right influencers who fit the image of a brand like Sandu Pharma and have a large, relevant, yet real number of followers.

CEO and Founder of Vavo Digital, Neha Puri, said, “It’s a matter of honor not only to be associated with a brand like Sandu Pharma, but also to be a catalyst for their marketing campaign with a new outlook. We have the advantage of working with the pioneers of the Ayurvedic industry and helping to spread the ideology and benefits of age-old ethnic medical practice to our nation’s current generation. We look forward to creating and designing effective campaigns for Sandu Pharma and delivering the key message to the end user. »

Shivani Sandu, Marketing Manager at Sandu Pharma, said, “Our interaction with VavoDigital has helped us explore a new form of marketing on the Instagram social media platform. The proposed plan was to undertake influencer marketing via influencers appropriate to the brand and product at hand. The research behind the campaigns was detailed and remarkable. The target brand values ​​and the target audience were in tandem and thus helped to achieve the desired results. The Vavo Digital team is young, eager to put together the best campaign possible and values ​​time.


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