Where to buy the Karl Kani x Stranger Things clothing collection? Pricing and more details explored


The fourth season of a critically acclaimed series stranger things recently released its highly anticipated season finale. In order to mark the occasion, the American designer Karl Kani joined the series and launched a wide collection of clothing.

The collection, which features 31 styles and designs, was created to celebrate the 1980s-inspired supernatural series and features on-trend pieces fully loaded with nostalgic and otherworldly elements.

The entire stranger things x Karl Kani collection is currently available online via SNIPES and Zalando e-commerce sites, and sells for a price range between $15 and $146 (approximately €14 to €139.95)

Inspired by Gen-Y, Karl Kani x stranger things introduces a wide range of looks from head to toe

A few of the releases from the Karl Kani x Stranger Things collaboration (Image via Instagram/@karlkaniclothing)
A few of the releases from the Karl Kani x Stranger Things collaboration (Image via Instagram/@karlkaniclothing)

Karl Kani perfectly showcased the latest range, whose garments featured brightly colored floral patterns and patches influenced by the magical elements of Strange things. Millennial-inspired styles have led to some standout apparel like postcard-inspired graphics, baseball-style jerseys, and Hawaiian t-shirts with flower prints.

The renowned designer has assembled these items for both men and women. In addition, several sizing options are available with which fans can easily recreate their favorite looks worn by the protagonists of the web series.

Other striking items in the range include a green Hawkins collegiate jacket, a denim set with shorts and a vest, as well as black shorts, olive green bottoms and a black hoodie.

Items offered in the assortment: Price, design and more

T-shirts and jackets are included in the collection (Image via Instagram/@karlkaniclothing)
T-shirts and jackets are included in the collection (Image via Instagram/@karlkaniclothing)

1) The $46.96 (€45) boxy t-shirt is stamped with a red devil face on the front.

2) The plain black signature patch hoodie is adorned with “stranger things” in flaming lettering on the chest and colored patches on the sleeves. Each hoodie will cost you $93.91 (€90).

3) The military green Tie Tye t-shirt and Signature Pinstripe t-shirt are tagged at $41.74 (€40) each.

4) The line also features a Heavy Washed Print Hoodie and Signature Flower Resort Shirt, priced at $93.91 (€90) and $62.61 (€60) each, respectively.

5) The Pinstripe Baseball shirt is marked at $62.61 (€60).

6) The most expensive item in this range is the plain blue Woven Signature College Jacket worth $146 (€140). It is embroidered with stranger things inscription on the back, elasticated waist and pockets in the seams.

7) Bottom selection includes Heavy Distressed Patch casual jeans and denim shorts tagged at $93.91 (€90) and $73.04 (€70).

8) The range also includes co-branded monotone woven cycling shorts, tiny track shorts and patch military shorts, priced at $36.52 (€35), $52.17 (€50) and 73, $04 (€70) each, respectively.

9) A patched A-line skirt with zipper worth $62.61 (€60) is also added to the assortment. It gives a leather look and is embellished with the characteristic Karl Kani and Dice patches.

10) Printed t-shirts are also included in this range. These very graphic dresses range from $36.52 (€35) to $52.17 (€50).

11) Moving on to accessories, the Signature Beach Unisex Tote Bag printed with “We’re Not in Hawkins Anymore” on the front, costs $31.30 (€30) each.

12) Woven Signature Trucker unisex hat in bright colors features series name typography and floral designs, and is marked at $36.52 (€35).

13) Kani also added two additional styles to the headgear. One is the Woven Signature Reversible Bucket Hat at $46.96 (€45), while the other is the Retro Beret Black hat at $41.74 (€40).

14) Finally, the Woven Signature Visor Light blue hat at $31.30 (€30) is embroidered with the stranger things lettering on the front in white.

The entire range of clothing and accessories designed by Karl Kani is currently available for purchase. Take a detailed look at the items in the range and grab your favorite wardrobe pieces from Zalando and SNIPES.

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