Yellow Dream Farm presents premium cannabis flower brand GoodGood at the Hall of Flowers


Yellow dream farm

Yellow Dream Farm presents premium cannabis flower brand GoodGood at the Hall of Flowers

Yellow Dream Farm presents premium cannabis flower brand GoodGood at the Hall of Flowers

Leading Sustainably-Grown Wholesale Cannabis Grower Launches New Lifestyle Brand at Biggest Brand-Focused Show of the Year

Los Angeles, California, December 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWireYellow dream farm, a California family owned business of hardy cannabis brands that provides high-end artisanal products and sustainably grown wholesale flowers on a large scale, today announced that the company will launch a new line of high THC cannabis branded products. range, Good good, at the upcoming Hall of Flowers industry show at booth # B309. The show will take place December 8-9 in Palm Springs, California; Due to its brand priority, the boutique lounge is the perfect place to launch this new, organized and culturally driven brand.

“Launching GoodGood at the Hall of Flowers show in Palm Springs was a natural fit for us,” said Jeffrey Garber, CEO and Founder of GoodGood and Yellow Dream Farm. “Yellow Dream Farm is built by each of our team members and it is a group effort to make this dream a success; We pioneered a way to deliver premium, artisanal cannabis on a large scale to deliver affordable product experiences, and we’re very proud of that.

The inaugural line includes four main products:

  • 3.5 gram jars – Enjoy hand-picked exotic genetics from organically grown indoor flowers.

  • Simple pre-rolls – Enjoy 1 gram of small, A-grade, ready-to-smoke buds.

  • Pre-roll packs – Enjoy eight 1 gram rolled smokes with small, high quality buds that are perfect for on the go.

  • 5 gram mylar bags – Enjoy 5 grams of premium A quality small buds.

Each product begins with genetics from carefully selected strains with an emphasis on bringing the latest and greatest to their community. Each size of GoodGood’s premium A-grade products contains the finest high-quality cannabis, grown vertically and naturally. Currently available at select primarily concentrated cannabis retail outlets in the Southern California area, GoodGood will be available in other cannabis retail stores across California in the coming weeks. To find the strains available locally, visit WeedMaps.

Focusing on the intersection of culture and cannabis, GoodGood is a new lifestyle brand focused on combining cannabis cultures and streetwear to create a community of like-minded enthusiasts. It offers its own line of high-quality cannabis products, driven by CEO Jeffrey Garber’s vision to bring artisanal, shop-grown cannabis to a wider audience at an affordable price. The cannabis industry’s long-held belief that premium cannabis cannot be grown affordably has been overthrown by the efficiency and automated process of the environment and nutrition of Yellow Dream. Farm, bringing artisanal cannabis to consumers looking for affordable options.

Hall of Flowers is a highly organized, industry-only licensed B2B trade show designed to facilitate commerce between a broad network of premium licensed cannabis brands and retailers. With product categories spanning Flowers, Concentrates, Edibles, Topicals, Accessories and Technology, this is the first trade show of its kind to deliver an experience that elevates the cannabis industry to a new level of meaning. cultural.

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About Yellow Dream Farm

Yellow Dream Farm is a family-owned cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and distribution company based in San Bernardino County, California with an established reputation for premium wholesale cannabis grown sustainably indoors. Yellow Dream Farm operates a state-of-the-art 60,000 square foot fully automated indoor grow facility, positioning itself as one of California’s emerging bulk ingredient suppliers. In 2021, the company launched GoodGood, its first in-house retail flower brand, paving the way for the company to build a premier, high-quality brand house. GoodGood’s product line includes a 1.0 gram pre-roll, 8 pack of 1 gram pre-rolls, 5 gram small mylar bags and a 3.5 gram jar made with quality buds Has exotic and exclusive cultivars. For more information on Yellow Dream Farm, visit

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