You must know about these 2 in 1 leather bags


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Words like “timeless”, “versatile”, “minimalist” and “handmade” have become buzzwords in recent years, thrown a bit carelessly in a marketing context. But for brands like London-based Alfie Douglas, there really isn’t a better vocabulary to explain his offerings. The bags made by the family-owned and operated business are simple both visually and in the way they’re made, designed with a busy and ever-changing lifestyle in mind.

While Alfie Douglas has been around since 2014, it was the launch of her Zero Collection late last year that put the British line on our radar. Why? Because the pieces in this collection just might be the most perfect everyday bags we’ve seen – all crafted from vegetable-tanned Italian leather and with prices starting well under $ 200.

The Zero Collection bag in large and small.

Available in sizes Small ($ 150) and Large ($ 250), the design allows you to go from shoulder bag to backpack in seconds without sacrificing style. Once you’ve decided on an ideal size, you’ll choose from three different versions, each with unique details designed to make your life easier. The Base style comes with a special raw edge finish, Plus features an internal zip pocket and magnetic closure, and Top is designed with a versatile flap and concealed magnetic closure.

Products outside of the Zero collection are also worth a look. Collection One, named after the first bag ever produced by the line, is a very thoughtful selection of clean and structured silhouettes. Here you’ll find a mix of styles, including the stunning Day & Night Zipper Mini Bag ($ 270) and premium handbags ($ 470) in multiple colors.

Collection Two really shows an organic evolution of the first, offering the same minimal look with more stylistic details, like just the right sag of the leather. Throughout this collection you’ll find more affordable options like minimal ($ 160) and simple ($ 185) tote and accessories, including the $ 30 mini moon coin pouch and swivel waist pouch. at $ 80.

Like other direct-to-consumer brands, Alfie Douglas cuts out the middleman, which is why these beautiful, supple leather bags don’t break the bank. (In fact, the family single-handedly designs, sews, and sells all Alfie Douglas products from their London studio). At such a high price and top quality (not only in materials, but also in the intimate way each product is made in the Alfie Douglas studio), you really can’t go wrong. Buy the full collection here.


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